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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get Necky!

*updated 6th March 2010*
Save for an actual stuffed toy tied to your neck, we think these will be the cutest necklaces you'll ever wear!

It’s A Hoot! Necklace


+ Fashion-wise owl in fall colours with rhinestones for eyes on a ball chain approximately 71cm long.
+ Measuring 3.6X3cm, made of high-quality layered acrylic.

Whata Momma Necklace

+ Sweet Matryoshka doll measuring 2.6x4.4cm on a ball chain approximately 71cm in length.

+ Made of layered high-quality acrylic with pretty rhinestone accents.

Rockaby Necklace

+ Reminisce your childhood days with this rocking-horse charm necklace studded with pretty rhinestones.
+ Measures 2.6x4cm strung on a ball chain approximately 65cm in length.
+ Made of high-quality layered acrylic.

Twinkle Cloud Necklace

+ A cute midnight blue cloud adorned with yellow stars and bling bling rhinestones. Dreamy!

+ Cloud measures 2.8x2.6cm.
+ Ball chain comes in two different lengths: 58cm and 65 cm. Please indicate in email which you prefer when ordering this item.

Jelly Belly Necklace  *sold*

+Yummy jelly donut made of thick acrylic with rhinestone toppings.
+ Donut measures 5x4.4cm strung on a ball chain approximately 82cm in length, just about reaching your belly!

Lock & Key Necklace

+ Wooden Lock & Key charms in Hot Pink measuring about 5x3.8cm and 6x2.2cm respectively on an adjustable deep brown long suede cord

Charming Chandelier Necklace

+ Thick quality layered acrylic chandelier charm measuring about 7.5x5.8cm on a ball chain approximately 78cm in length

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