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Friday, February 27, 2009

Phone Charms Galore!

We debuted 2 phone charms in our earlier posts and they were instant hits! You guys grabbed it up in no time. And as promised, here are 4 more phone charms exclusively designed by cousin N, exclusively for you! Enjoy!

Phoch Guitar Heroine

+ Silver-coloured guitar charm and silver and white butterfly charm
+ Two light blue transparent beads and a dark turquoise bead adds pizazz to this unique ensemble
+ Standard black loop to hang charm off your mobile

Phoch Lollipop

+ 2 multifacated beads, pink and yellow with a bit of bling in between
+ Silver-coloured rose charm to finish off the line-up
+ Standard black loop to hang charm off your mobile

Phoch Forest Rose

+ 2 tiny silver-coloured rose charms with green and red metallic finish beads
+ Standard black loop to hang charm off your mobile

Phoch Pink Key

+ 2 multifaceted beads, pink and fuchsia, with a silver-coloured key charm dangling at the end
+ Standard black loop to hang charm off your mobile

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ear-ring, Ear-ring!

Cousin N has come up with two more sets of earrings for you. One, dark and mysterious and the other fun and sweet. The pink one is just so, so adorable. :)

Spring Blossom

+ Cute silver-coloured flowers dangling from silver-coloured earring hooks
+ Cute transparent pink beads

Midnight Flower

+ Silver-coloured flowers in between double turquoise and double brown beads
+ Silver-coloured earring hooks

Charming Bracelets!

Wearing a charm bracelet is an easy and low-key way to show off your personality. Of the three below, which one's you?

+ 3 flower charms and 3 bead/star combo charms
+ Double chain has a circumference of about 15cm with 2cm extra extension chain

Handmade by Reza S


*sold out*

+ Consists of 3 flower charms and 2 butterfly charms with dangling bead detail
+ Has a unique toggle clasp
+ Circumference of about 15cm

Handmade by Reza S


*one reserved*
*still available*

+ As the name suggests, this bracelet has an eclectic mix of charms that have nothing in common with each other yet look good together ;)

+ Circumference of about 15cm with extra 2cm extension

Handmade by Emira

Sweet & Simple Necklaces

New from 12-year-old cousin Mira:-

Simple pendant + simple black suede cord = classic throwback piece.

Mira would have been too small to remember that time when these were big, but that didn't stop her from putting together a few sweet pendants here.

Simple Crown
+ Pendant consisting pink and purple beads finished with a crown charm with solitaire diamante
+ Pendant strung on black suede cord with circumferance of 54cm (can be shortened upon request)

Simple Butterfly

+ Pendant consisting green and yellow beads topped of with a butterfly charm
+ Pendant strung on black suede cord with circumferance of 42cm (can be shortened upon request)

Simple Leaf

+ Pendant consisting pink and yellow beads topped finished with a leaf charm
+ Pendant strung on black suede cord with circumferance of 54cm (can be shortened upon request)


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 Earrings and a Bracelet

We have 2 items from a special guest, NTY and 2 earrings from AA...
Perfect as a gift or to simply spruce up a plain outfit!

Stone Age *Special Edition*

+ Different shades of stone beads on a bronze coloured metal chain
+ Chain length of about 20cm (plus approx 1cm extension)
+ Only one available so hurry!

Touch of Fairy

+ Consists of pastel coloured translucent beads

Star Shine

+ Light Gold and Purple Metallic coloured beads
+ Accompanied by a star to bring out the shine in you!


+ Dangling light pink and purple beads

Friday, February 20, 2009

Inspired By Nature

Working on the two pieces here was *like* working on a piece of art. Details kept being added until a certain vision was fulfilled, but not so sure if everyone would appreciate the extra embellishments when actually wearing any of these necklaces here. So if you’re interested in one of ‘em but think less is more, just email us and we’ll take off any unwanted beads on the chain for you ;)

Island Blues


Inspired by the colours and icons of tropical islands and native tribes, this piece would complement a peasant top or dress up a plain tank top instantly!

+ Mid-length necklace (about 38cm circumference).
+ Clasp can be hooked anywhere on the chain, so wear it as long or short as you like to suit your top’s neckline!


Dainty butterflies flit and flutter between floral-coloured beads, and rest nicely on your collar bone. You'll look sweet and alluring, too ;D

+ Short to mid-length necklace (about 35cm circumference).
+ Clasp can be hooked anywhere on chain to suit your top’s neckline, even as a choker.

Both designs by Reza Z

Saturday, February 14, 2009

For The Love Of Bracelets

Two more fab bracelets from cousin N. The first one so so suitable to wear for dinners, weddings or to catch a show at Istana Budaya. And the second one, well, that one is so so suitable to wear just anywhere!

Pearl Elegance

+ Beautiful pearlescent white beads and a silver-coloured decorative plate
+ Strung on elastic for ease of fit
+ Circumference of about 17cm

O Starry Day!

+ Silver-coloured stars with green transparent beads and metallic brown beads
+ Silver-coloured clasp with extension
+ Length of about 18cm

Ready For A Twist?

Boy, are you in for a surprise. Cousin N continues to amaze and amuse us with her quirky and awesome designs! Check out these two sets or danglers. Who says you have to follow the rules? And who says everything has to be symmetrical? ;D

Rose Trickle

+ Red and pink beads with tiny silver-coloured rose charm
+ Silver-coloured metal hooks
+ Subtle difference between the two - for those of you who are daring, but not quite! ;)

Butterfly Rock Star

+ One earring has a square light blue bead, a silver-coloured wing charm and a turquoise multifaceted bead
+ The other with a tiny silver-coloured star charm and a turquoise multifaceted bead
+ Let the rock star in you shine! ;D

Ring Ring!

Hey hey!

Get your mobile phones ready coz we've got a phone charm that will surely put a smile on your face and a bling to your ring! This fab piece is designed specially for you by cousin N.

Phoch Butterfly Star
*sold out*

+ Super cute white and silver butterfly charm
+ Tiny silver-coloured star with plastic maroon bead
+ Standard black loop to hang charm off your mobile

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Earth & The Sky

Ok, that was a rather lofty title for this post about these two fun and simple bracelets here, but that’s just what they remind us of here! Something in the colours, we think ;)


+ Cool blue and serene green beads intermingle with silver-tone hoops
+ Circumference of 16.5cm – 18cm (with extension chain)


+ Almost exactly the same as Earth but with sky blue beads

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Long & Short Of It

Here's another necklace from us: an adjustable beaded chain number in cheery yellow! Wear it long or short, just adjust the extension chain. Matching bracelet available, too.


+ High-quality yellow multifaceted transparent plastic beads and pearlescent golden beads
+ Unique pendant with vintage-like bead cap and bunch o’ beads
+ Full length of 40cm, can be shortened to minimum of 23cm



+ High-quality transparent plastic beads in shades of yellow and orange beaded together
+ Matches the Sunshiny necklace, but not too matchy-matchy ;)

Both pieces by Reza Z
*Limited* Only one piece available each

Get both for RM20!

More and More Bracelets

Another round of bracelets just for you. We've got charms, beads and stones for you to wear to suit your mood any day, any time. Grab these cool designs and treat yourself to some candy or surprise a friend with a fun gift!

Sugar N Stars

+ Metallic pink and blue beads with silver-coloured stars
+ Silver-coloured clasp
+ Length of about 20cm
+ Loop twice around your wrist or wear it as an anklet

Designed by L.

Apple Linkup

+ Green and blue beads artfully wired to silver-coloured hoops
+ Circumference of about 18cm
+ Silver-coloured clasp

Designed by L.

Turquoise Luck
*sold out*

+ Bracelet has 5 charms. A butterfly, silver-coloured wings between beads, a turquoise flower, tiered beads and a silver-coloured rose.
+ Silver-coloured toggle clasp
+ Circumference of about 15cm

Designed by N.

Orange Crush

+ Shades of orange stones and beads strung on nylon
+ Silver-coloured clasp
+ Length of about 14.5cm

Designed by N.

Necklaces Now

Another new item in our jewellery collection! Necklaces! We debut the first out of many more necklaces to come. This disco dandy piece below will sure to make you the diva of the party. Wrap it around your neck and get ready to have fun!

Metallic Blast

+ Metallic purple beads strung on nylon and finished at the ends with shades of purple stones
+ Length of about 95cm
+ To wear: loop ends through necklace

Designed by L.

*also available in dark purple, turquoise and peach - pls email to view

For Your Ears

Another set of beautiful danglers just for you! Fun and flirty to wear when you're out for drinks with friends. Wear them with a simple white top, instant colour up!

Berry Confetti

+ Shades of pink beads on silver-coloured plates
+ Silver-coloured metal hooks

Designed by N.

For Your Mobile

Good news! It's the debut of our phone charms collection! Spice up your mobile with cute and funky bling, exclusively brought to you by Kazens Studio.

More to come soon! Watch this space. :)

Phoch Rose

+ Silver-coloured rose charm
+ Cute pearl-like and diamante adornment
+ Standard black loop to hang charm off your mobile

Phone charm designed by L.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Planning Is Everything!


We still have some of our exclusively-designed 2009 Planner, and realised we never put up proper photos of it. So below is a montage of the cover and some outtakes from the planner.

2009 Planner

A recap of the product’s description:-
+60 pages with ample space for pencilling in your to-do list for every single day in the year 2009 +Space for additional notes every month
+Chic and unique page designs printed on forest-friendly paper
+Mix of full colour and black & white pages
+Matt laminated cover
+SLIM & SLEEK – handbag-friendly A5 size
+Only 25 copies printed
+Made in Malaysia :)
Specially designed by Ezura Esa, Reza S & Reza Z

A special shoutout to friends + other buyers of the planner: Big thanks for supporting us! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Fun

We're in the second month of 2009. Already? Wow, that's fast! To start off this sunny month we have some brand new earrings for you to feast your eyes upon. All four sets specially designed by A.A.

Grab them for some February fun in the sun! :)

Juiced Currants

+ Single plum coloured beads hanging from single silver-coloured hoops
+ Silver-coloured metal earring hooks
+ Simple yet elegant

Baby Blues

+ Sweet blue and pink beads on silver-coloured metal
+ Silver-coloured metal hooks
+ Cute and sassy!

Come Fly Away

+ Silver-coloured butterfly charms
+ Silver-coloured metal hooks
+ A simple and cute addition to your earring collection

Chic Peas


+ Green coloured round stones hung from single silver-coloured hoops
+ Silver-coloured metal hooks
+ Add colour to spruce up your outfit!

Opposites Attract

Like night and day, these two bracelets could not be any more different. But they are both equally exquisite and charming and would look good with any outfit, on any occasion. Both specially designed by A.A.

Sugar High

+ Gorgeous blue and purple beads strung on flexible wire and secured with a silver-coloured clasp
+ Rounds around your wrist twice making it look like you're wearing two bracelets!
+ Circumference of about 18cm

Midnight Silver

+ Black stonse strung on elastic band for ease of fit
+ 3 silver-coloured charms
+ Circumference of about 17cm