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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ready For A Twist?

Boy, are you in for a surprise. Cousin N continues to amaze and amuse us with her quirky and awesome designs! Check out these two sets or danglers. Who says you have to follow the rules? And who says everything has to be symmetrical? ;D

Rose Trickle

+ Red and pink beads with tiny silver-coloured rose charm
+ Silver-coloured metal hooks
+ Subtle difference between the two - for those of you who are daring, but not quite! ;)

Butterfly Rock Star

+ One earring has a square light blue bead, a silver-coloured wing charm and a turquoise multifaceted bead
+ The other with a tiny silver-coloured star charm and a turquoise multifaceted bead
+ Let the rock star in you shine! ;D

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