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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Charming Bracelets!

Wearing a charm bracelet is an easy and low-key way to show off your personality. Of the three below, which one's you?

+ 3 flower charms and 3 bead/star combo charms
+ Double chain has a circumference of about 15cm with 2cm extra extension chain

Handmade by Reza S


*sold out*

+ Consists of 3 flower charms and 2 butterfly charms with dangling bead detail
+ Has a unique toggle clasp
+ Circumference of about 15cm

Handmade by Reza S


*one reserved*
*still available*

+ As the name suggests, this bracelet has an eclectic mix of charms that have nothing in common with each other yet look good together ;)

+ Circumference of about 15cm with extra 2cm extension

Handmade by Emira

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