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Friday, February 20, 2009

Inspired By Nature

Working on the two pieces here was *like* working on a piece of art. Details kept being added until a certain vision was fulfilled, but not so sure if everyone would appreciate the extra embellishments when actually wearing any of these necklaces here. So if you’re interested in one of ‘em but think less is more, just email us and we’ll take off any unwanted beads on the chain for you ;)

Island Blues


Inspired by the colours and icons of tropical islands and native tribes, this piece would complement a peasant top or dress up a plain tank top instantly!

+ Mid-length necklace (about 38cm circumference).
+ Clasp can be hooked anywhere on the chain, so wear it as long or short as you like to suit your top’s neckline!


Dainty butterflies flit and flutter between floral-coloured beads, and rest nicely on your collar bone. You'll look sweet and alluring, too ;D

+ Short to mid-length necklace (about 35cm circumference).
+ Clasp can be hooked anywhere on chain to suit your top’s neckline, even as a choker.

Both designs by Reza Z

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