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Thursday, February 12, 2009

More and More Bracelets

Another round of bracelets just for you. We've got charms, beads and stones for you to wear to suit your mood any day, any time. Grab these cool designs and treat yourself to some candy or surprise a friend with a fun gift!

Sugar N Stars

+ Metallic pink and blue beads with silver-coloured stars
+ Silver-coloured clasp
+ Length of about 20cm
+ Loop twice around your wrist or wear it as an anklet

Designed by L.

Apple Linkup

+ Green and blue beads artfully wired to silver-coloured hoops
+ Circumference of about 18cm
+ Silver-coloured clasp

Designed by L.

Turquoise Luck
*sold out*

+ Bracelet has 5 charms. A butterfly, silver-coloured wings between beads, a turquoise flower, tiered beads and a silver-coloured rose.
+ Silver-coloured toggle clasp
+ Circumference of about 15cm

Designed by N.

Orange Crush

+ Shades of orange stones and beads strung on nylon
+ Silver-coloured clasp
+ Length of about 14.5cm

Designed by N.

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